California honey LIVE RESIN Disposable vape


The California honey LIVE RESIN Disposable vape pen is made with a stainless steel battery, built to fit Honey Oil pre-filled vape cartridges. Over 500 puffs on a single charge with 3 variable power settings and a pre-heat mode to warm up thick oils. Plug n play strollers
3 clicks: Low: 2.7V Medium: 3.2V High: 3.7V 2 clicks: Preheat: 2V
Our batteries have a built-in USB charger on the bottom, so you can plug them in and charge them just like your phone. There is no longer any need to unscrew the tank to charge. And YES, you can vape it while charging.



Original California Honey Live Resin , California honey LIVE RESIN Disposable vape In stock.

California honey LIVE RESIN Disposable vape Description:
1. Ceramic core technology
2. Battery capacity: 400mAh
3. Oil capacity options: 1ml
4. Conductive hole: 4*2.0mm
5. Color options: black, white,
6. Packing: box packaging + retail bag x1
7. Resistance: 1.2 Ω
8. Charging port
9. Battery: 580mAh
Materials: Stainless steel base + Pyrex glass tube + ceramic coil
The bag is available in 3 versions
There are 10 flavors available
Note: USB cable is not included

Mouthpiece: copper

Comes with inserts, boxes and stickers
The insert is delivered in foam packaging.
Only empty cartridges are available.