Packman disposable




Packman Disposable
Packman disposables are one of the latest carts to be released in the market. Packman carts which we released at the beginning of 2024, has now gained popularity and is now one of the most popular and best selling disposable in the market. The packman brand released 11 flavors at launch day and 4 new flavors later on. The pac man Packman

Packman disposable flavors include:

Packman Starbust Runtz
Packman Sunset Gelato
Packman Watermelon Sour Patch
Packman Unicorn Zkittles
Packman Grapple Berry Fritter
Packman Guava Lava
Packman Pineapple Rings
Packman Berry Payton
Packman Blueberry Diesel
Packman Lemonhead
Packman Mystery OG
Packman Blue Airheads
Packman Cereal Skunk
Packman Grandaddy Urkle
Packman Peachy Nerdz

The packman team chose this packman carts flavors to ensure that the there was something for everybody. There are sativa, indica, hybrid flavors to satisfy any disposable lover.
The discreet and sleek design of pack man carts includes their appeal. They are not just visually attractive but also practical for on-the-go use. With a range of styles and colors accessible, you can pick the one that top matches your personal preferences and style