Oil Capacity: 1.0ml
Battery: 380mah
Oil hole size: 2*1.8mm
Coil: Upgraded ceramic coil
Resistance: 1.4ohm,
Filling: Top filling
Rechargeable bottom

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How To Use Litto Disposable Full Gram Cartridge
Buy Litto Disposable Vapes To use the Litto’s, you just simply put it against and take a huge drag! Is it that simple, you ask? You’ll use it that way until all the oil is gone, and if there is some left, you can always recharge the battery with a mini-usb to finish it up and toss it away! Litto Disposables Full Gram is one of the best if not the best disposable cartridges you can find!

Why Choose Litto Vape Over Anything Else?
Litto vapes are completely solvent-free and lab-tested, which makes them safe for everyone. Medical marijuana patients as well can use our vapes to subside various symptoms related to problems like loss of appetite, fatigue, pains, and more. Buy Litto Vape Carts